by Lorg

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Recorded by Max Rouch


Runnin from cops is what we do
See all the lights flashing red and blue
Step on the pedal and give it some juice
Cause these mother fuckers they're not hard to lose
Its like bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do
Whatcha gonna do when they're after you
You got chances to take, cops to shake
What's it gonna be, don't hit the brakes

Sheriff said, "you were going too fast"
I said, "no shit sir, you can suck my ass"
We all got nothin to lose
That's why we play the reggae with the attitude
So come with me, it's getting late
The cops are here and it's time to shake
The bottles in my bag are starting to break
So jump in my car, and we'll make our escape

Sheriff said, "you were going too fast"
I said, "no shit sir, you can suck my ass"
Go ahead and try to make a snag
You'll never find the green herb that I had
Cause I'm real good at walking a thin line
Story of my life, I do it all the time
Leave it to me and I'll blow your mind
Like Kurt Cobain at the scene of the crime


released March 20, 2017
Recorded and mixed by Max Rouch



all rights reserved


Lorg New Jersey

Sean Costello -
Electric Guitars
Lead Vocals

Shifty Powers -
Rhythm Vocals
Acoustic Guitars

Brett Ross -
Drum Sets
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